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Friday, February 24, 2012

Letter #141... Dear Mr. President... War is Being Waged Against Americans.

Dear President Obama,

Last night I watched, with renewed horror, the 20th and hopefully the last Republican Presidential debate. It seems to me that each one, tried to out-crazy the other one.

They keep talking about a war in Iran… what they fail to see, in spite of talking about it incessantly, are the wars they are waging against people in this country. The war against women, the war against the middle class, the war against union workers, the war against the auto industry, the war against the LGBT community, the war against immigrants, and the war against children. All of these wars are raging all around us and the Republicans are responsible for perpetuating and inflaming them.

The war against women by denying women coverage for contraceptives and moving to require invasive and unnecessary procedures before a woman can receive a legal abortion. The war waged against women by men like Darrel Issa under the guise that it was about freedom of religion instead of the real agenda… contraceptive coverage for women. The image of five men in a congressional hearing talking about women’s health and contraception was not only appalling, but disgusting. Not a single woman was allowed to testify… really?

In Virginia the GOP had to abandon their bill requiring women to undergo a vaginal sonogram because of the terrible backlash against it. Again, it was men pushing for something they know absolutely nothing about. They didn’t even know what their own bill was about… all they cared about was gaining more control over a woman’s reproductive rights.

9 year-old boy brought to court in an orange jump suit... really?
The war against children is being waged through tax cuts that affect schools all across America, but most particularly in poor neighborhoods. Then there are the cases where prosecutors want to charge children with crimes at younger and younger ages. A case in Washington State where a 9 year-old boy brought a gun to school and the gun accidentally discharged while in his backpack, shooting an 8 year-old girl. They brought him to court crying and wearing an orange jump suit. Bail was set at $50,000 at his hearing while they try to determine if the third grader will face criminal charges. Really? He’s 9 years-old, he probably wanted to show off to his buddies… where was the intent if the gun was in his backpack? Tragic? Yes. But what kind of trauma will this poor boy suffer as a result of adult stupidity… his parents for having a loaded gun he could access, and a system that wants to put a child in jail. Shameful!

Yes Mr. President… there are wars raging across our land against ordinary Americans and fueled mostly by the GOP, and they need to be stopped. Where has our common sense and common decency gone? These issues need to be addressed… we are a people at war with our neighbors and each other, and it must stop.

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers
Your Gadfly Granny

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