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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Letter #114... Dear Mr. President...The Whole World is Watching... Oakland

Letter #114

Dear Mr. President:

The other day I wrote you about the Occupy Oakland movement and suggested that you might need to take a position on all the “Occupy” movements that have not only spread all across our country, but all around the world.

The Occupy Oakland fiasco may have faded in the minds of the people viewing, and reading about it from afar… but when one of the protesters that was shot with some type of projectile turned out to be Scott Olsen, an Iraq Veteran, it was the game changer. Someone is Washington referred to it as possible “a Kent State Moment.”

Indeed, people from around the world have rallied in support of Olsen, because he truly represents the movement. Olsen has served his country honorably, has a job that he works at during the day before joining the movement at night. He’s not some “lazy hippy” just there for the fun of it… he’s there because he cares about his country and wants to see some change… just like the rest of the 99%’ers.
Occupy Oakland's Riot started at 4:30am ~ while 'protesters' were sleeping
There are some serious questions about what happened that night that need to be asked… Look at the way the "police" are dressed, they are in full riot gear because "they" created the riot. They knew they were going to be using tear gas and they knew it would create the panic they desired to justify their outrageous tactics. Now think about the time they "chose" to roust the protesters... 4:30 in the morning. Now ask yourself why they "chose" that particular time to "warn" protesters to leave the plaza... because they knew the people were sleeping and would be dazed and confused, giving them the advantage of surprise. In addition, 4:30 am gave them the cover of darkness making it almost impossible to tell what was going on... most video phones don't work all that good in the dark... ask yourself, was all this just a coincidence, or was it specifically designed to give the appearance of complete chaos from an uncooperative group of protesters. And don't forget when the light of day came and people began photographing the "mess"... they made it appear that it was what the protesters left behind, when in fact, it was the mess left by the police completely trashing the protesters belongings. The supposed complaints of rats, filth, sexual assaults, people urinating in public, were completely overblown and exaggerated in order to "try" to give the police action, and Quan’s decision, some credibility and the interim police chief defended the police, saying they believed they used the least amount of force possible to protect themselves.

Really… since when do the police arrive in full riot gear, gas masks, rubber bullets, batons, tear gas canisters, and flash bombs just to wake up sleeping protesters? 

But now that the whole world is watching, Mayor Quan has allowed the campers to return... she says she's not exactly "letting" them camp again... she is asking them not to camp, but that the people will not be "moved out" again because "closing the camp would cause more violence." Isn't it just a little late for that? Isn't she responsible for protecting the citizens 'all' of the time... not just when all eyes are focused of the fiasco she created with her 'police action against the people' and the critical injury of an Iraq Veteran?
Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Scott Olsen deserved better than this… he put his life on the line to protect our right to protest… yes, he deserved better than this… and now the whole world knows it.

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers, 
Your Gadfly Granny

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