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Monday, October 31, 2011

Letter #115... Dear Mr. President... An Invitation to Dinner.

Letter #115
Dear Mr. President:
Recently, Stuart Leavenworth, the Editorial page editor of the Sacramento Bee, wrote an editorial inviting you to visit Sacramento and why that would be good idea. Leavenworth’s editorial began with… “Dear President Obama, Thank you for visiting our Golden State the past week.” Then he went on to tell you about the levee upgrades that are so desperately needed to protect the Natomas area, an area that houses over 100,000 people.
While the Army Corp of Engineers is ready to begin phase II of the $1.1 billion dollar project, the Republican controlled house has once again blocked this and nine other infrastructure projects in spite of the fact that the projects have been rated as “Chief’s Reports” status… the Corps’ highest level status.
I’m going to take it a step further Mr. President… I’m inviting you and Mrs. Obama to be our guests for dinner in our home, (any date and time that would be convenient for you and your busy schedule) in the beautiful community of Rancho Murieta…
Rancho Murieta is a community started in 1969 and built by local Operating Engineers. R.M. is often referred to as one of the best-kept secrets in Northern California, and to us it is a little slice of heaven.
R.M. is just minutes away from Mather Air Force Base and we have a small airport is just across highway 16, with easy access by helicopter. Security is not a problem, as our community has only one way in and one way out with 24-hour gated security.
While Mr. Leavenworth is correct about the levees, and you really should take a look… he makes another point, fixing those levees would create jobs and protect Sacramento residents from a “Katrina” like event. And, while the Republicans insist these levee projects are earmarks, clearly they are not, they will not only protect the people, but vast areas of agricultural acres that produce crops that feed America.
While we don’t offer the glitz of San Francisco or Los Angeles, we are worth taking a look at… and while Mr. Leavenworth would like you to try one of Sacramento’s fine Zagat approved restaurants… I would like you to enjoy a home-cooked meal, and a chance to relax and enjoy the quiet beauty of Rancho Murieta, nestled in the foothills where the white-tailed deer and wild turkeys roam freely through the mostly unfenced neighborhood. A chance for you to unwind, put your feet up and relax.
So the next time you are planning a trip to California, please think about including a visit to the Sacramento area, and a quiet dinner in the modest home of loyal constituent… Me!
Most Respectfully,
Marcia Reimers,
Your Gadfly Granny

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