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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 62...Dear Mr. President... Why does the Republican Party hate Americans?

Day 62
Dear Mr. President,

I have to admit, I’m very discouraged after hearing that Social Security was “in the mix for potential cost savings” in the budget negotiations. Not just because my husband and I are now living on Social Security and our few investments, but because I don’t see any change in the mentality of Washington.

And, it’s not just that Washington and the politicians would rather take away from the elderly and disabled rather than pay taxes on their jets, it’s their mentality. They would rather see an elderly person go without the necessary medicine to stay healthy, rather than raise the taxes on millionaires and billionaires. They would rather put politics before people. Why? Where is their common decency? Where is their humanity? Do they even possess it anymore?

What is happening in America where we are more concerned with our bottom line than we are with the people living below the poverty level, or the homeless, or kids that go to bed hungry? What happened to the idea that we are our brother’s keeper? Why are our vets allowed to succumb to homelessness because they come back so damaged from the war that they can no longer live and work in or society?

When I was a kid we knew all our neighbors, we played and ran through the neighborhood with wild abandon, knowing that if we stepped out of line that someone would tell our parents. We looked out for the younger kids because if we didn’t then we’d all have to go inside. It was a time when people cared, and I just don’t feel or see that any more. People pull into their garages, the door goes down and you don’t see them again until the door goes up and they drive away again.

I know these are different times, at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me… but are they? Don’t kids still need to run and play outside without the fear of some child abductor lurking behind a hedge? Shouldn’t we still look out the window to make sure everyone is getting along and no one is being left out of games? Don’t we care for the least among us anymore?

I read all the articles about what’s going on in the political arena so I can make informed decisions and be a part of the process instead of the problem, but why? When I read the comments from others regarding any given subject, the sense of loathing, hatred, vitriol, and yes… racism, permeate the dialogue until I’m sick to my stomach. What happened to civility in this country, why are we bombarded with hatred and loathing from all around the world?

Isn’t America the first to step up and offer aid to other countries after a disaster like the earthquake in Japan? So why don’t we show the same compassion for our own people that are losing their homes, and their jobs? Why don’t we show the same respect for each other that we used too? And last question… why does the Republican Party hate ordinary Americans?  That must be the case, or they wouldn’t continue to put corporations and big money interests before the men, women, and children of America. Please Mr. President, do something before it’s too late. Do something before the Republican Party destroys what’s left of the ‘good’ in America.

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers
Your Gadfly Granny

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