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Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 71...Dear Mr. President... They want to secede, give Texas to China.

Day 71

Dear Mr. President,

We’re hearing a lot about what will happen in this country if the U.S. does not raise the debt ceiling, but we don’t hear much about the repercussions it would cause regarding our debt with China. No other country owns more U.S. Treasury bonds than China… in fact it’s roughly a whopping 1.152 trillion U.S. dollars. To coin an oft used phrase… “I think we have a problem Houston.”

In an article by Linette Lopez, from the Business Insider, the Chinese warn that, “The U.S. is "playing with fire" over its debt ceiling debate and, if a default happens, the Chinese government should have a consultation with the U.S. government. China can promise that we will not sell our holdings of U.S. debt, but the United States must also promise that you will not hurt our interests by guaranteeing the safety of our investment...”

Also in today’s paper, there was a political cartoon from the Boston Herald, by Jerry Holbert that depicts Uncle Sam in a garbage and food strewn frat house (America) with Democrats and Republicans. Uncle Sam is looking out the window watching a man from China walking up to the house and says, “Oh Crud! It’s the landlord!

Well I have a suggestion that could solve a couple of problems for us and may appease the Chinese. Give them Texas. Yup… Gov. Rick Perry once suggested that Texas secede from the Nation because Texas was doing such a stellar job with their economy and job growth, and the rest of the nation was just bringing Texas down, so they wanted out. Texas and China have a lot in common, neither one gives a fig about human rights, they have no problem implementing the death penalty, in fact they boast about how ‘efficient’ they are compared to other states. They both have great track records in denying women’s rights and have no problem discriminating against the gay community.

China could put a Great Wall all around their new ‘state’ and call it ‘Texina’ (rhymes with vagina). Perry could team up with another Texina native son, G.W. Bush, and they could have a little competition of who could out brown-nose the other to curry favor with the Chinese… they could make up a little cheer since they were both ‘yell leaders’ in college.

You might want to have that consultation with China, and ask if they would swap out our debt if we gave them Texas, it has everything they want… plenty of natural resources, plenty of guns they could confiscate, a large work force they could put to work for penny’s, and Rick and George to help them understand the locals.

I only have one favor to ask before you give them Texas. California has a problem with overcrowding in it’s prisons (we’re lousy at executions), so could we please send a good chunk of our prisoners to Texas, it would help our state tremendously, because like the U.S… we have a huge deficit problem of our own. We could use your help and Texas knows how to handle their prison problem better than we do. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers
Your Gadfly Granny

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