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Friday, November 18, 2011

Letter #121... Dear Mr. President... The Patriotic Millionaires are Begging you to Raise Their Taxes.

Dear Mr. President:

Normally I don’t read Charles Krauthammer’s column, because in my opinion his remarks are perpetually petulant in nature, and today’s was no exception… “Obama’s decisions focus on re-election, not national interest.” See what I mean… positively peevish. And so it starts Mr. President… every thing you do, or fail to do, someone like Krauthammer will say it’s for political gain for your re-election and not in the best interest of the country or the American people.

I say, hogwash! This election should be a no-brainer, and here’s why. You have a secret weapon, a secret weapon called the “Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength.”

Approximately two dozen members of this group recently met with members of the ‘Super Committee,’ members of Congress and Grover Norquist, asking them to raise taxes on people that make over $1,000,000 a year. This group is the 0.1% of the 1% that the 99% are complaining about in the OWS Movements taking place all around the country.

You may remember this group Mr. President…. this is the same group that over a year ago urged you to end the “Bush Era Tax Cuts” for millionaires that was supposed to expire at the end of 2010. Advise, I may add, you should have taken.

In a statement to the press, the decision to extend those tax cuts for the rich – according to some analysts – permanently underfunded our government. It’s time to undo that damage… it’s time to listen to the millionaires and stop listening to the Republicans, as their lies have finally been exposed by the millionaires themselves.
Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, shakes hands with millionaire Frank Jernigan, a retired senior software engineer at Google, before meeting with a group of millionaires (AP Photo/Haraz Ghanbari)
You have a golden opportunity to make the case to the American people as to why Reagan’s supply side trickle down economics, and the continuous Republican mantra of “no new taxes’’ didn’t work, doesn’t work, and will in fact never work. The Patriotic Millionaires have made the case for you in a scathing letter to Speaker John Boehner, et al., dated, July 21, 2011. In this nine page letter they accuse Boehner of ‘corrosive, misleading, intentionally dishonest arguments put forth in this critical debate, which Boehner continues to present, even though our country approaches a potentially catastrophic impairment of our financial obligations. And, despite the reality that millionaires, like them are paying lower taxes now than at any time in the last 60 years… and despite the fact that the Bush tax cuts are the single largest cause of the current federal deficit, and that Boehner has repeatedly refused to consider this limited and reasonable step to address our country’s fiscal challenges. http://patrioticmillionaires.org/tax_letter.pdf

There you have it Mr. President… just ask the American people who they’re going to believe, the millionaires who are begging to help save this country by paying their fair share in taxes, or the Republicans who want to continue to cut taxes for the rich while raising them on the middle class, and off the backs of the poor. 

It's time to stop 'shaking down the little guy' and listen to the big guys that are ready to step up to the plate and pay their fair share... and as one of the millionaires put it... the impact on their finances would be the same as a dead fly at a picnic.

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers, 
Your Gadfly Granny

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