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Washboard Express is a way for me to express my own opinions, to be a provocative gadfly, by writing a "letter a day" to the President. I may miss a day here and there, because sometimes my family with be my first priority, but my goal is to write a total of 365 letters, representing one full year. To say I have opinions about most things would be to understate the obvious. Those of you that know me, know this is true, those who don't know me, will learn that it's true. The Washboard is a reference to going back to basics and "keeping it clean," so if you would like me to post your comments or opinions on this blog, I only ask that you be respectful. So go ahead, express yourself, and I look forward to an exchange of ideas and opinions.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Letter #126... Dear Mr. President... Say Goodbye to the Cain Train, and Make Room for Buddy.

Dear Mr. President:

The “Cain Train” has run out of track, it has come to the end of the line, so maybe now it’s time to “Make Room for Buddy.”

Make Room for Buddy
Unbeknownst to most people, Buddy Roemer is also running for President on the Republican ticket but you sure wouldn’t know it judging from the debates we’ve seen thus far. As you know Mr. President, Buddy Roemer served four years in Congress as a Democrat and was the Governor of Louisiana as both a Democrat and Republican. In addition, he has an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, and is the CEO of Business First Bank… which by the way, needed no federal bailout money.

I mention this because Mr. Roemer has been completely ignored by the GOP and can’t even get an invitation to any of the debates in spite of the fact he is arguably one of the most qualified candidates on the ballot. Why do you suppose that is?

Could it possibly be because he is basically running on a single-issue platform… Campaign Finance Reform, and campaign reform is the last thing that Republicans, or Democrats for that matter, want to talk about? Is that why they don’t want Buddy on the stage… exposing them for the frauds they are? Are they afraid that he will throw Citizens United in their phony faces? You bet!

Say Goodbye to Herman Cain
Herman Cain has been huffing and puffing down his own track in order to sell his book and increase his speaking fees… wasting the time of the American people with his faux campaign swagger. And yet, Cain has been invited under the GOP ‘Big Top’ because he was the ‘token’ black Republican face the GOP could point to in order to disguise the fact that the Party consists of mainly ‘old white men.’ There, I said it… they needed a black face in their largely white crowd… everyone knows it but nobody wants to say it, and nobody wants to admit. But you and I know it’s true.

All the tip-toeing around, the platitudes about being inclusive, and all the… ‘but we love Herman’ rhetoric… liars, liars, liars… they don’t give a tinkers damn about Herman, they just needed that ‘black face’ on the stage with them, and I admit, he was fun for a while. But you watch Mr. President… he’s going to be history, because now he’s just an embarrassment to ‘The Party’… so say goodbye to Herman.

Now, wouldn’t it be novel for you to propose to the GOP that they include a man who’s eminently qualified to join them on that stage, after all, what threat could he possibly be to any of them… isn’t it time to “Make Room for Buddy?”

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers
Your Gadfly Granny


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