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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Letter 124 - Dear Mr. President - The Turkey's at the Table.

Letter #124

Dear Mr. President:

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving this 24th day of November... you'll notice that this is the 124th letter I have written to you, and one-third of the way through the 365 I plan to write.

So in keeping with this wonderful American holiday I want to thank you for being my President, I don't always agree with your decisions, but I am always proud of you and the First Family. Not since the Kennedy's have we had such a gracious, courteous, and commanding, and beautiful First Family. Thanks you so much for bring those qualities back to the White House.

With that said, I want to talk a little about the eight turkeys on the campaign trail and their latest round of "oops" from the last debate.

Herman Cain still insists that the mountains in Iran are a problem when it comes to protecting ourselves from their nuclear threat. Thanks Herman, please pass the gravy.

Mitt Romney doesn't know his first name is Willard. Wasn't Willard some movie rat?

Michelle Bachmann is still clueless and irrelevant. Please pass the peas & carrots.

Rick Santorum continues to harpoon the other seven turkeys, but he's the only one that doesn't need a box to stand on for the debates. Please pass the rolls and butter.

Who is Jon Huntsman, who knows what he stands for, or if he's even at the table?

Ron Paul still wants to end everything... all wars including the war on drugs, legalize everything and let the churches take care of sick people... and this coming from a Doctor. Oh that's right he's from Texas... 'nuff said. Please pass the cranberry sauce.

Rick Perry, this turkey has shot himself so many times he's practically bled out. He still believes that you have done nothing to keep this country safe. It's not clear whether it's his 'people' that are clueless, he has no access to the news, or he's just dumb as dirt. Considering his meteoric rise and, fall since joining this flock, I'll have to go with the latter. Excuse me Rick... could you please pass the dark meat?

Last, but not least... Newtie Gingrich... the new Democrat at the table, praying that we feel some compassion for the immigrants that have been here for years, go to church and pay taxes. He implores us to think about our family values and not kick these poor souls out of the country... This coming from a guy who wants poor kids to clean their own schools. This pompous, bombastic, strutting turkey is so full of himself, it's obvious that he's the one that consumed all the stuffing. I'd say please pass the stuffing, but alas... Newtie ate the whole bird, stuffing and all and is throwing the meatless leg bone Oliver Twist... "There kid, you're the one who wanted some more. Enjoy... now say your prayers and be grateful for what you've got."

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Mr. President, you've earned it.

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers
Your Gadfly Granny

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