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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day14... Dear Mr. President

Day 14
Dear Mr. President,

Every day in the news, on the web, on the radio and TV… we hear it. Big oil wins again, lobbyists continue to inundate Washington with cash, insurance companies deny life saving procedures to their own policy-holders, drug companies charge big bucks for drugs that cost pennies on the dollar, and the list goes on…

To say I was disappointed in the vote to extend corporate welfare for the oil companies is putting it mildly, but to add insult to injury, three Democrats voted with the Republicans. I know Democrats have a problem with sticking together on anything, and trying to get them to agree is like trying to herd cats… nearly impossible. But somebody need to try to keep them together.

I realize that DINOS Mary Landrieu, Mark Begich, and Ben Nelson all live in oil rich states, but you’d think they would have the guts to buck big oil just once in their pathetic lives. If two Republicans can vote with the Democrats, why can’t the Democrats band together and show their constituents that they have at least a modicum of courage. And just to be fair, I hope you thanked Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe for voting to end taxpayer handouts to big oil. Kudos to two women with some b_ _ ls

It’s no surprise that the vote came down the way it did when you consider the donations that come from the oil companies and go directly into the pockets of Republicans at a significantly larger percentage than Democrats. For instance: Chevron gave over $10 million to candidates, 74% going to Repubs. & 24% going to Dems. Exxon gave over $10 million, 88% to Repubs. & 11% to Dems. Koch Industries gave over $9 million, 88% to Repubs. & 11% to Dems. Enron Corp. gave over $5 million, 70% to Repubs. & 29% to Dems. And BP gave over $5 million, with 69% to Repubs. And 30% to Dems.

Is it any wonder that we’re in the mess we’re in when we let big business buy our elected officials votes, just so they can continue to line their greedy pockets with obscene profits year after year? I hope you understand, Mr. President, that this is why we cannot trust our representatives to actually represent us… because we will never be able to compete with big business when it comes to donations.

This madness must come to an end, and the only way we are going to restore this country to it’s former greatness is to implement strong campaign finance reform, otherwise, we will continue to circle the bowl until we’re entirely flushed down the drain. You need to insist on campaign reforms… now!

Most Respectfully,

Marcia Reimers
The Gadfly Granny

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