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Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 33...Dear Mr. President...It's D-Day, DECIDE to Bring our Troops Home!

Day 33
Dear Mr. President,

After 3 years of concerted war efforts the United States, along with the Allied forces of Canada and England, landed on the beaches of Normandy… it was June 6, 1944. Yes, today is the 67th anniversary of D-Day, a day when the goal of every soldier and every civilian involved was to drive the German military back to Berlin… to stop Hitler’s march across Europe from going any farther.

I know you don’t need a history lesson Mr. President, but on this occasion I believe it is important to remember the difference between a “declared and authorized” war versus a “undeclared and therefore, illegal war(s)” in which we are currently mired.

In 1944 over 60 million Americans mobilized to win the war. They sold war bonds, held concerts, rationed and salvaged everything. ‘Civilians’ produced everything from guns and ammunition to socks and knit caps for the men in the field. Ford Motor Co. retooled their plant to mass-produce bombers, rolling out 5 new B-26 bombers every 24 hours. That was an incredible feat even by today’s standards.

Sixty (60) million Americans supported that war, I doubt if you could find 6 million Americans that support our current wars. Why is that? Because we aren’t fighting to protect people, and the Iraqi’s, Afghani’s Pakistani’s, and Libyan’s are not invading their neighbors, they are not threatening the rest of the world.

Americans support our troops wherever they are, but only because you put them there and they are following orders. But where are the fundraisers, where is the combined effort to fight a common enemy? The answer is nowhere. Nobody wants these wars, nobody believes we are stopping terrorism before it comes to our shores. In fact, quite the opposite is happening… we are “creating” terrorist’s by our “illegal” occupation in foreign countries.

There are no “good wars” but there are “just” wars, like WWII, unfortunately we are not engaged in a “just” or even a winnable war. I know you didn’t start the war, but you have also done nothing to end it, in fact you have extended it to include the drone bombings in Libya. Another fact Mr. President… since your Inauguration we have lost 262 men and women in Iraq and 905 men and women in Afghanistan… these needless deaths are on your watch Mr. President.

It’s time to stop this madness and bring our troops home. It’s time to put our good men and women to work rebuilding America, for Americans. We currently have troops and personnel on every continent except Antarctica…  really Mr. President, can’t we find better ways to spend our tax dollars?

Make the anniversary of D-Day mean something… make it your D-Day, “Decide” to end the war and “Bring the Troops Home”.

Most Respectfully,

Your Gadfly Granny

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