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Washboard Express is a way for me to express my own opinions, to be a provocative gadfly, by writing a "letter a day" to the President. I may miss a day here and there, because sometimes my family with be my first priority, but my goal is to write a total of 365 letters, representing one full year. To say I have opinions about most things would be to understate the obvious. Those of you that know me, know this is true, those who don't know me, will learn that it's true. The Washboard is a reference to going back to basics and "keeping it clean," so if you would like me to post your comments or opinions on this blog, I only ask that you be respectful. So go ahead, express yourself, and I look forward to an exchange of ideas and opinions.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 56...Dear Mr. President... Just trying to be 'fair' and 'balanced'... I'm not FOX!

Day 56

Dear Mr. President,

This is the last day of June, the day that I will print out this months LTTP’s and mail them directly to you via snail mail. I do this so you have the opportunity to see the thread of my comments building upon each other, rather than separate topics without relationship to one another.

I also want to tell you about an interesting phenomenon that is happen with my blog where I post each of the letters I write to you. On my dashboard I am able to track my audience, how people are finding me, the number of views per day, week month, etc…The one I find most interesting is my audience. Of course most of my audience come from the US with 557 this month. The next largest numbers come from Denmark (34), Russia (25), Germany (22) and Poland (19). Then we have people from Iran, the UK, Romania, France, Canada, Australia, S. Africa, and the Netherlands with (10).

I know that doesn’t seem a lot of people, but I believe people are interested because they may be afraid to write some of the things I have said in my letters, afraid to criticize the President of the United States. But isn’t that what makes this country great, and isn’t that what our men and women fight long a hard to protect? My audience may be small now, but it is growing and I will continue to speak my mind and be the “Gadfly Granny” that you probably wish would quit with her ‘nagging’ and just go away, but again that’s what makes this country great. I’m not intimidated by your position as President, and you’re not intimidated by my “Gadfly” letters.  

While I have been critical of the wars and the huge number of troops we have deployed around the world, and I don’t agree with the hostilities going on in Libya, I do support you. I support you because I know what a disaster the Bush era was and what a mess you were left with. I support you because I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but I trust that you are making decisions based on the best information available to you, and in the best interests of the people of America. I support you because I believe with all my heart that you are a good and decent man, and if I didn’t believe that then I wouldn’t take the time to write you a letter every day.

I want the readers of my LTTP’s all around the world, to understand that while we may disagree on any number of issues, you are still my President and I have the highest degree of respect for you and the First Family. I voted for you and I will vote for you again. I am by no means a great monetary contributor, but I am a great supporter, even though it doesn’t always come across that way in all of my letters.

So Mr. President, I want to say “thank you” for the job you do and for allowing me to be a pest with my daily letters. I hope that those individuals living in foreign countries and reading my letters, know that this is what makes America great.

Most Respectfully,

Your Gadfly Granny
Marcia Reimers

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