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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 55...Dear Mr. President...Some good news... some really bad news...

Day 55

Dear Mr. President,

First the good news… congratulations on having the three-judge panel of a federal appeals court in Cincinnati ruled in your favor…  that the part of your health care plan that would require almost all Americans to buy health insurance is constitutional. In addition, it marked the first time that a judge has ruled against the party that appointed him, on the law’s constitutionality. However, I’m pretty sure that this dispute will end up in the Supreme Court, and who knows how that bunch will vote.

Now the not-so-good news… but first a question that I hope you can answer. How did China’s largest oil company secure rights to begin operations at the Al-Ahdab oil field in Iraq? The oil field was discovered in 1979 and is believed to hold billions of barrels of crude oil. The China National Petroleum Corp., signed that agreement in November of 2008, and they retain the development rights for 23 years. How can that be?

I know I’m old, and my memory is not as sharp as it used to be, but weren’t we still fighting Bush’s “wrong” war in Iraq in 2008? Weren’t our men and women still dying on Iraqi soil? And wasn’t our country hemorrhaging billions if not trillions of dollars fighting in that war?

Why Mr. President? Just so China could come in and secure the rights to the Al-Ahdab oil field for the next 23 years? Our men and women were losing their lives for the benefit of China’s government, and the Chinese people? And, we still have peace keeping forces, and government contractors over there rebuilding what we destroyed just so the Chinese can cut deals with the Iraqi’s? Isn’t it still costing us billions of dollars a month just to be there?

While our country is struggling to stay afloat after the disastrous war in Iraq and now the war in Afghanistan… China swoops in and starts production of oil in the first major new area in Iraq in over 20 years? Are they waiting until we secure a modicum of peace in Afghanistan before they decide they need their oil too?

I have to ask you Mr. President… what the devil is going on here? Please tell me that our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers didn’t lose their lives in that God forsaken hell-hole just so that China could go in and reap the benefits.

Please enlighten me if I have asked the wrong questions based on wrong assertions, because I have to tell you… I’m a little upset over this.

So please tell me this isn’t true, because if it is, then this is definitely not good news for America or Americans.  I look forward to being corrected.

Most Respectfully,

Your Gadfly Granny
Marcia Reimers

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