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Washboard Express is a way for me to express my own opinions, to be a provocative gadfly, by writing a "letter a day" to the President. I may miss a day here and there, because sometimes my family with be my first priority, but my goal is to write a total of 365 letters, representing one full year. To say I have opinions about most things would be to understate the obvious. Those of you that know me, know this is true, those who don't know me, will learn that it's true. The Washboard is a reference to going back to basics and "keeping it clean," so if you would like me to post your comments or opinions on this blog, I only ask that you be respectful. So go ahead, express yourself, and I look forward to an exchange of ideas and opinions.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 42...Dear President Obama...An "invitation" to Dinner with the President.

Day 42

Dear President Obama,

Imagine my excitement when I read your email this morning with the subject being: “Dinner?”… You said you’ve … set aside time for four supporters like me to join you for dinner.  You further stated, “most campaigns fill their dinner guest lists primarily with Washington lobbyists and special interests.”

For a minute there I thought this was actually an invitation to have dinner with my President. I thought that after writing 41 letters in 41 days that “one” had finally been handed to you personally and that I was going to be one of those four lucky people.

Sadly, as I read further I realized it was suggesting that if I made a donation of $75 dollars today, that I would automatically be entered for a “chance” to be one of the four supporters to sit down with you for dinner.

Next it said that you’d pay for my flight and the dinner – all I needed to bring was my story and ideas about how we can continue to make this a better country for all Americans. While that may sound great to many people, and I appreciate the very generous offer, I would need to know if these are ‘taxpayer dollars’ being used. If that is the case, I would have to graciously decline and insist on paying my own airfare. I think “Sheriff Joe” would agree… it may not be much, but even the small dollar amounts add up.

I like the fact that it wouldn’t be a formal affair, because I think people really do enjoy sharing a meal among friends. So whether I have a seat at the table or not, I think it’s a good idea to bring ordinary people together to discuss some of the problems. Ordinary people have a different take on things, and see things from a whole different perspective, and I think that is important, and I know you do too.

I’m not sure if I’ll send $75 dollars to have my name thrown in the hat, because I write you every day with my thoughts and suggestions. Some you may like and some you may not be pleased with, but I always say exactly what’s on my mind. I’ve never been one to “suck-up” to anyone, and I don’t think you need that kind of person offering advice. What you need, are people like me… a couple of gadflies to keep things interesting, and keep people thinking instead of a bunch of “yes men or women.”

So I do believe in the kind of politics that give people like me a seat at the table, but if I’m not there, rest assured that my Letters to the President (LTTP’s), will keep on coming, one letter at a time… one day at a time.

My best wishes to you and the four people that will be selected to dine with you and share their stories and ideas, because you have already had 41 days worth of my thoughts and opinions.

Most Respectfully,

Your Gadfly Granny

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