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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 34...Dear Mr. President...Disguise them as Arabs and put them on camels, just bring them home

Day 34

Dear Mr. President,

Many of my letters to you have been about bringing our troops home, and I want to add a little something to that goal. Bring them home in a vertical position, with all of their limbs attached, and their heads on straight and in one piece.

I’m sure you have a similar goal. Now about the 46,000 troops expecting to come home from Iraq in July. I think the 4th of July would be an excellent day for our young men and women to set their collective feet down on good ole’ American soil. Think of the celebrations in airports and backyards across the country when their loved ones come safely on this special American holiday. I can see the banners and American flags being waved by thousands of grateful families, friends and neighbors.

The big question seems to be, how do we get them “safely” out of Iraq? It is my understanding that the U.S. is paying some sheiks to hire workers to keep the roads clear and safe for the 160 mile trip through the desert and into Kuwait. If this is effective then great, but this is not the time to try to save money… this is the exact time to spend whatever is necessary!

We have already wasted ungodly amounts of “cash” giving it to sheiks, private contractors, and others that do not provide the services for which we paid them. Please spend whatever it takes to bring our soldiers home safely. I don’t care what you spend to save these precious lives. Use whatever means possible to protect the exit of the men and women who have already sacrificed so much for this country.

I don’t care if you have to disguise them as Arabs and put them on camels… just bring them home! I don’t care if you leave every friggin’ tank, humvee, truck, tent or jeep over there, just don’t leave a single American soldier. I don’t care if you commandeer every jumbo jet in the U.S. to send over there to bring our people home…. Just do it!

Spend whatever is necessary and do whatever is necessary, just don’t waste any more time and lives. The cost of $400,000 for a MRAP is not worth even one American life.

It’s almost the 4th of July, give Americans something meaningful to celebrate this year by bringing home the troops from Iraq.

We do not want even “one” more American to come home in a box covered with a flag. Do what you need to do and spend what you need to spend to bring them home alive!

Most Respectfully

The Gadfly Granny

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